Creating the LERN from scratch

Having taken this course
you will know far more than what you need to know
in order to start a LERN
and to teach others about LERNs.

Indeed to start a LERN people need have very little
of this information.
To say that the concept of a LERN is something
that a five year old child can understand
is not to say that it is childish.

To say that the full blown idea in this course
are something that every college sophomore can comprehend -
is not to say the ideas are sophomoric.

The greatest ideas
are often comprehended by children

while they remain hidden from the wise and prudent.
The most important ideasĀ  -
and the importance of them
are often understood by children -
such as the idea of God, Love, Truth -
while the same ideas have grown dim in adults -
whereas those ideas are Infinite and there is no end to them.

The most important thing about government is that it be Just.
The most important thing about an economy
is that people have employment.
Children understand that - so jump right in.

It is easy to point out after a nuclear war -
that the old system didn't work.
It failed.
And it is not working in the present situation -
so something new and different is needed -

and you just happen to have that very thing
designed for this exact situation post nuclear war.

You are the convener.
And all you need is a place to convene.
Could be a hall or school auditorium -
but more likely just someone's garage.

Windows may be a necessity
because it is unlikely there will be electricity.

It is important to organize as quickly as possible.
Maybe only ten or a half dozen at first -
but you should be able to get others to join rapidly.

The first to start may naturally become the first leaders -
but as soon as the justice of that seems questionable -
new elections should be held.
Elections can be held again - and again -
until the LERN is established and a regular cycle is established.

Initially the operation of the LERN -
while pressing forward -
must be very careful not to irritate those about them -
who neither understand it -
nor are in sympathy with its spirit to help others.