First Tasks of the LERNed

Lesson 6 First Tasks of the LERNed

There is no avoiding it -
the first concern of any  community
in the aftermath of nuclear war
and social collapse -
will be security.

Indeed, that may well be the drawing card
to bring people together to hear the rest
of the solution.

And what is the solution to security?
That, like the answer to any other problem -
will differ from community to community.
What is required is consultation by the
elected or temporary leadership

to find solutions.

The first step is always to  get the facts -
and to inventory the resources.
Then, once the goal is properly defined,
reasonable thinking people can weave together a solution.

I say can -
but not necessarily will -
because the process of consultation is not innate -
especially in North American society -
and that too is a skill
that it will take some dedication to develop.

It is key from the outset
that the LERNed, the administration,

control the Security
and not let the Security control the administration.

Perhaps as a part of the security solution -
but certainly as a first and immediate priority
there must be found tasks for every person in the community.

The old saying is that
"The Devil finds work for idle hands",
and one can be sure that those not actively
furthering the community goals -
will find something else to do.
Perhaps even something that is against the  community interests.

The efforts, tasks, jobs
of all the community members
need to be directed towards
the primary needs of the community.

Security, water, food, shelter
and so forth.

Right up there with everything else
is establishing the stability of the LERN.
Making sure that that everyone undestands
what it is and what it does -
and that they support it.

The main way the LERN system is strengthened
is by extending it -
and so as soon as possible
the LERN must assist in the creation
of other LERNs about it.