Holding community meetings

Lesson 7 Holding community meetings

The LERN is the Community.
The LERNed draw their strength from the LERN.
The LERNed serve the LERN.

The process begins by the LERNed learning the needs of the community.
This is done by living in the community
and listening to community needs
both in general
and at community meetings.

Community meetings need to be held regularly.
EVERYONE should ALWAYS attend.
It is the way one supports their community
and it is what binds the community together.

Initially the organizing group may get together -
every few hours,

and later as the community grows
they may have a meeting every day -
decreasing to every day or two, or so,
as things become more organized.

Well organized and well functioning communities,
in future years may meet only once a month.
When meetings are to be held
will be determined by the LERNed.

The meetings serve many purposes
such as to create the social unity of the community,
to allow the members to become acquainted with each other
for the purpose of the election,
and so forth.

The first and foremost purpose of the meetings
is for the members of the community to be able
to tell the LERNed their concerns -

although the inverse is also true
in that it allows the LERNED to inform the community
of solutions, plans, and policies that it is implementing.

The Community Meeting is a private meeting
organized by the LERNed

which may be attended only by those
designated by the LERNed.

The conduct of the meeting,
such as who is allowed to speak -
and for how long -
is determined by the LERNed.