1st Longterm Constant Priority - Full Employment

Lesson 8 1st Long-term Constant Priority
            - Full Employment

In the long-term the primary focus of the LERNed
becomes full employment.
In present day society this seems unusual to many people
because they consider that simply an interest
and responsibility of the individual.

They may also think that in the far future -
it will be even less of a concern
as robots do more and more work.
Some may even envision a utopian society
where work will no longer be necessary.

There is much haziness in thinking
as to the  meaning of full employment
(and much more so as to its purpose).

The LERNed must be concerned about the full employment
of all the factors of production:

and Entrepreneurship
listed in that order for historical reasons.

Issues of full employment are often compared to
And, most often are applied only
to the subject of labor,
which admittedly does have a predominant importance.

What constitutes full employment
is determined by availability
of each of the factors of production.

However, these are all matters
which shall be dealt with in the next course.
Here, we are only concerned with the broadest pinciple
and that is that it is responsibilty of the LERNed
to assure that everyone is occupied.

As a social institution the LERN  is most concerned
with the full employment of human labor,
because if that is lost,
it is a waste that can never be recovered.
Human time, once gone, is gone forever.

From a social point of view
the  human time is that which is most critical
because that is what permits spiritual development and
the fulfillment of the purpose of life.