3rd Longterm Constant Priority- Extending the perimeters

Lesson 10 3rd Long-term Constant Priority
            - Extending the perimeters

The third long-term constant priority of the LERN, that of the extending the perimeters is one that should be a concern of every individual, but in practicality there are some individuals and portions of the institutions that will take the lead.

The actual expansion will of course be at the frontiers,

and to a degree those on those frontiers will play a lead role -
but they must be able to call upon the resources throughout the LERNs.

In another sense, the highest LERN determines the overall boundary,

and consequently the areas for potential expansion lie just beyond
that boundary, so once it again it has something of a priority responsibility, but also once again it must be able to draw upon the resources throughout its own boundaries.

Every LERN grows the expansion  of the LERN system as a whole because of increases in division of labor and increases in economy of scale.

The expansion of the borders also increases the security. If all the world were to become one LERN, then that would mean there would be no more wars. Unfortunately,  this is an ideal that is not  going to occur.

In practicality, LERN expansion is likely to run into resistance, and it is for this reason that all members of a LERN must be obedient to the prudence and directions of the LERNed, so as not to endanger the overall  LERN.